Lizard Skins Lock-On Peaty Handlebar Grips


Meet the Lizard Skin Peaty Grip, an all American mountain bike grip made for bikers by biking enthusiasts and professionals. This grip has made a name for itself amongst countless professional athletes around the world. It is made with only the best materials and processes to deliver on the brands promise of being durable, comfortable and long lasting. The grip offered by this product is secure and intense, thanks to its non-slip dampening physique. It features radial rubber fins and a basic mushroom model that bends and flexes under your weight to accommodate it.

The Lizard Skins Peaty Grip has often compared to the ODI Tomac Attack grip, a spectacular product that creates a new standard for bicycle handlebar grips. The difference between both models, however, is the Lizard Skin’s ability to lock onto your bars and its longitudinal groves that prevent your sweaty gloves and hands from slipping. These biking gloves are a complete treat for your hands, no matter the terrain on which they’re used. They conform to the natural contours of your hands and provide you with a soft layer of protection and comfort during extended rides. With this grip on your mountain bike, you get to feel like one of the many professional athletes that recommend the Lizard Skins Peaty Grip.