Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Handlebar Grips


The final product recommendation from our team is a product from Lizard Skins. It is the Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Grip, one of the small diameter mountain bike grips that are great both in design and use. With inspiration from MOAB, these grips come with a soft texture and alloy collars. They are made to withstand all conditions, and as such, they can be used anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to ride with gloves or not, the Lizard Skins grip has got you covered. It features aluminum clamps that prevent twisting while you ride. The quality of this product is seen from the choice of materials, construction methods, and processes up to their finish. They’re simply terrific!

These mountain bike grips are thin and sticky, with a surface that doesn’t encourage slipping. They’re a comfortable pair to own thanks to their Lock Jaw collars and low profiled dimpled grip. ODI manufactures the Moab grip for Lizard Skins, and as such, it bears a level of semblance to many ODI products. If you love to be in full control while you ride (which all of us do), we recommend this mountain bike grip for you.