Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel


For anyone looking for the thrill of the road without actually getting out of the house, then this is the best option out there. What’s even better is the fact that it is one of the most durable setups on the market. The Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel is the best piece of gaming equipment for the avid gamer. It can take all the pressure of competitive gaming and can equally be a great tool for beginners alike. With its solid steel ball bearings as well as a stainless steel shifter and pedals. What makes it even better is the perfect finishing, the soft leather wheel grips add to the overall comfort of users. This goes a long way to ensure that there is an incredibly immersive experience offered up with this top-notch equipment.

To top this all off, it is very user-friendly fitted with highly functional controls. It all consists of some console buttons, an on-wheel D-pad, some paddle shifters as well as some LED indicator lights. All in all, this device is made to last and made to function on a high level.