Lotos Technology 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder


If you’re new to welding and want a decent starter unit but don’t want to splash out, then take a look at the 140A MIG welder from LOTOS. It may not have the power of more expensive MIG welding machines but match it to the right job and you have a welding workhorse for your DIY or auto projects.

This MIG welder works well with mild and stainless steel, and with a spool gun add-on will also neatly weld thinner aluminum. Connect the welder to your 110V wall outlet and it takes minutes to set up, plus it has a thermal overload protection system to protect your welder. You also get an adjustable wire feeder so you can control the speed and welding voltage, with two digital displays so you can see you are on track. Add in a semi-auto switch for longer jobs and you get an effective but cheap MIG welder that’ll get you powering through those domestic jobs in no time.