LoveHome Lumbar Support Cushion


LoveHome makes another appearance with the LoveHome Lumbar Support Cushion. Designed to alleviate the shock attack when you are driving, this cushion features an ergonomically contoured design that helps it maintain your cervical vertebrae natural arch. It has been designed specifically for your head, neck and shoulders and promotes healthy spine alignment and driving posture. The patented streamlined design of this lumbar support cushion doesn’t only offer physical relief, and it also helps in your blood circulation which ultimately helps reduce slouching and numbness, as well as lower back pain. 

Unlike many products on the market, the LoveHome lumbar lower back support for car seat doesn’t make use of straps. Manufacturers of this support cushion believe that in the event of an accident, straps, in reality, can impede the deployment of your seat airbags, which is why their pillows are designed to fit into the natural arch of your vehicle seat. The mesh cover included in this design, however, is breathable and removable and can be washed with a machine.

Experience ultimate relief in various parts of your body with the lumbar support cushion from LoveHome; you won’t regret it.