Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube


The next product to make our list is this chain lube from Lucas Oil. While some poorly designed chain lubes can struggle to properly penetrate O and X ring styles of chains, there is no danger of that with this product.

That is because Lucas Oil designed this lube with penetration as the top consideration. As such it is a foam style of lube, which provides a couple of advantages. The first is that the foam makes it easy to apply as it will spread out to cover a wider surface area. The foaming action also adds extra energy to the lube, forcing it into the chain links.

On the downside it does mean it can be a little messy to apply. You should put some rags or paper towels down and perhaps work outside on the driveway or road. Once applied it leaves behind a protective film. This protects against dirt, water corrosion, general wear and drag.