Lucas Oil Engine Oil


The Lucas Oil Engine Oil carries all the characteristics of a typical Lucas product such as its versatility in use and the ability to prevent corrosion. The Lucas engine oil works well with vehicles of all kinds and can be used together with synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum motor oils. A single purchase provides you with 32 ounces worth of product for all your needs and demands. This oil additive is known to renew all seals, without the occurrence of corrosion or damage.

The Lucas engine oil additive raises your oil pressure while reducing oil consumption and engine noise. This results in an extensively quiet operation that many customers love. With this oil additive, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of the unit. This means that your oil additive won’t just prevent oil leakages, but it will also offer you with excellent performance. Users of this oil recommend it for all vehicle owners who want to renew their worn-out seals without investing too much money.