Lund Challenger Series ATV Front Storage Box


Looking for a durable, secure and good-looking ATV storage box? Take a look at this ATV front storage unit by Lund. Designed to keep your tools and equipment safe and secure, this tool box is a lifesaver for ATV adventurers as it doesn’t take up much space yet manages to hold all the essentials you may need in the field.

The box is made of a high-quality aluminum, with a black powdered finish which resists rain, snow and sun, and as an extension, fading and cracking. The laches are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability, while the double post hooks provide much-needed security. Of course, the lid can also be locked, so your items will always be stored securely inside. Although the product is lightweight, sturdiness and durability are guaranteed as the box has a solid construction and excellent design.