LUXON Emergency Tool


At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is more of a Stanley knife than a car window breaker. But it’s not. The reason for the strange shape of this particular car safety tool is that it actually has up to seven uses when it comes to survival. This is more of a pocket knife that happens to include some great window breaking features versus an emergency window breaker. So, what are these abilities?

First, there is a USB socket as the tool actually works as a power bank. Second, this power bank is charged via the use of a hand crank, which is attached, and can recharge itself via kinetic energy should you need to charge your extra charging station (you can never be too careful). Then, of course, you have a seatbelt cutter and window breaker, closely followed by a flashlight and a red LED indicator with an SOS setting. Finally, there’s a magnet at the base of the tool, so you can pop your window breaker anywhere outside your car once you’ve escaped, and it will aid in calling for help without you needing to be near the car at the time.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t waterproof, and the more complex nature of this tool can mean that the effectiveness of each feature is lowered a little when compared to other options on this list. It can also be a little more complicated to use, so valuable seconds could be wasted when trying to escape your car. Of course, if you spend some time getting used to this car window breaker first you shouldn’t have too much of an issue, so it’s still a highly valuable kit that can be used in dire situations.