Luxsego Ionic RV Shower Head


The Luxsego Ionic Shower Head is another good RV shower head for RV and boat users. This ionic shower head is unique in more ways than one. It seeks to change your entire shower experience via its build and features. The showerhead features a dual filter system, which contains a ion mineral stone and infrared mineral stone makeup. This system was introduced to help reduce the absorption of toxic substances in the water while reducing the level of chlorine.

The Luxsego showerhead doesn’t only provide you with water for your shower, it purifies the water, which in turn makes your hair softer and your skin smoother. The water flow with this unit is steady, while the pressure is over 200%. This increases the slow water speed while it comes out through small, dense outlet holes. The micro nozzle technology helps RV owners to save substantial amounts of water which is perfect for every RV. There are thee spray settings. They range from the rainfall to the massage settings, and these are responsible for making your shower experiences more worthwhile.