Magnelex 33 Foot Tape Measure


As you will no doubt have noticed, so far in our list we have mainly been looking at tape measures that come with a 25ft length. This is, as we will discuss below, basically the accepted standard for the length of the measuring blade.

But CarBible, we assume some of you may ask, I need to measure stuff that’s 27 feet long! Heck, sometimes I even need to measure 30 feet. What am I supposed to do?

Well, never say that we don’t listen to you all out there!

If, for whatever reason, you think that 25 feet of tape is not going to give you the measuring capacity you need then take a look at this product from Magnelex. It is bringing a whole 33ft of measuring power here, about the most you are going to find on the market. You also get, as an added bonus, both metric and imperial measurements marked out on the tape.

Aside from the length and dual markings, this is in truth a pretty basic tape. The hook on the end of the tape is distinctively average, and you may find it slipping off as often as it manages to grip an edge.

But if you want the extra length of a 33ft blade, this is a solid if unspectacular offering.