Magnet Paint Co Chassis Saver


We love this paint because it is a paint and truck protector all in one. The formula of this paint was generated in line with all the safety requirements set by safety institutions in the USA. The Magnet Paint is known to guard the truck chassis actively against any damage from rust. It protects not only the chassis but also the underbody surfaces, floorboards, frames, trunk areas, firewalls, engine compartments, under fenders and rocker panels, to name a few.

It’s a high performing rust guard according to industry standards. With this paint, you will not experience any chips, cracks, flakes, or peels. It does a fantastic job of protecting the unit from hard weather, rain, snow, dirt, and mud. During application you’re bound to spend a short time thanks to the nature of the formula. Manufacturers recommend a maximum of two coats for better aesthetics and longevity. Also, applications must be made to rust spots or places after the proper preparation processes have been undertaken. If you have the Magnet Paint guard, you don’t have to reinvest inactivators, hardeners, primers, and topcoats.