Mannew Kids Seatbelt Cover


The Mannew brand is a leading manufacturer of seat belt covers and other car accessories in the industry. The Mannew Seatbelt Cover and Belt Adjuster is made for use by children; thus, it comes with exciting colors and designs that appeal to its target group. The covers are made to deliver optimum comfort during long trips. Professionals in the company used body mechanics to design this belt pillow; thus, it features a bend for head and neck support.

The Mannew seat belt cushion is made from durable and soft cotton fabric and polyester for extra durability. It has a shoulder strap made from cotton with a micro-suede fabric covering that is soft to the touch. Every material used to create this cover is non-toxic and safe for use by babies and older children. This is an easy to use product from Mannew and a highly effective product as well. It is to be washed by hand to maintain its characteristics.