Master Magnetics Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder


The Master Magnetics Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder has it all. It’s convenient and handy and able to organize a ton of tools with ease. It’s strong enough to hold an awful lot. And it’s smartly designed to give you the highest level of efficiency and function. This magnetic tool holder, which stretches 24-inches long, gives you quick and easy tool storage absolutely anywhere it’s installed. You can attach tools made out of any ferrous metal, and they’ll easily stick to the strong magnets. This tool holder can hold up to 20 pounds per inch — and it’s been tested to ensure heavy-duty strength with scientific pull testing.

Additionally, this magnetic tool holder is versatile. It won’t take up much space, and the strong magnetic force will keep your tools in place whether you’re hanging screwdrivers and pliers or shovels, torque wrenches, or even sledge hammers.