Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Radial Tire


There is yet another great Mastercraft tire unit in this article which comes to make your tire search more manageable. This is the Mastercraft Courser STR, an all-season radial tire designed for regular use throughout the year. We all love to invest in highly durable tires, created with quality materials for added comfort. Mastercraft considered your safety, stability and the reliability of your vehicle; thus, it features the best tread patterns and an optimized void-to-rubber ratio. The Course STR radial tire is engineered specially to enhance off-road response and traction for a better, smoother ride. Off-road is where this offering shines; thus we can guarantee that your adventures will never be the same after your purchase.

The Courser STR radial tire product is one of the top creations of Mastercraft. It features deep sidewalks which prevent abrasion to the sidewall while improving traction on all uncertain terrains. Abrasion is a common occurrence off the highway; thus, you need to make use of a tire that understands the nature of your routes. Unlike the standard tires, this radial tire features extra-large traction edges and shoulder scallops which help your vehicle bite into any surface and scoop all unwanted mud for a better grip. The best thing about the Courser STR is that it can be used on other kinds of terrain apart from off-road.