Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack


Another terrific gift idea for car lovers and enthusiasts will be the Matchbox 9-car gift pack. Designed for play by all ages, this is a toy set made up of an assortment of cars that are shipped in various styles, colors and designs. Each pack provides you with an instant collection and is bound to keep you and your kids always entertained. The box of 9-die-cast Matchbox cars offers a lot of speed and action, with an exclusive decoration car that is unique to your set and can’t be found anywhere else. All vehicles are of a 1:64 scale and their undoubtedly the coolest bunch of cars you will ever come across.

Upon purchase, you’re provided with a gift pack assortment filled with specialty vehicles, racing speedsters, heavy duty workhorses and many more kinds of cars! Right out of its box, this matchbox 9-car gift pack is ready for some kid-powered action. You can play comfortably anywhere you find yourself with your car collection, either at home, on the road or in the air. It provides you with instant fun you wouldn’t want to come to an end.