Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset


The Play22 Toy Truck Car Carrier is a highway pack designed to provide all kids with miles of fun. A great gift option for a birthday or appreciation, this toy set comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase made. This toy truck is designed for all children between the ages of 2.6 to 10 years, be it boys or girls. To move your car toys with ease, it has a handle attached to the top. For easy turning, all the truck toys come with a detachable rotating cab. In general, the Play22 truck case features 14 car slots on both sides, with 28 slots made available for storage.

The carrier truck includes construction cones, six diecast racing cars, construction roadblocks, and construction signs. Let your child catch a glimpse of a vast alternative universe where cars reign supreme and the highway is their entire universe. You can use the Play22 car carrier to form a bond with your child by playing with them during their play time. Or you can have a go at it yourself, and unleash the little child in you.