MaxMate 3-Inch Stainless Steel Side Steps


This set of truck side steps from Max-Mate is very similar to the ones we saw above from Auto-Dynasty – even if they don’t quite seem to have the same high level of finish. By that we mean that on the surface, they are similar. Boasting 3-inch tubular stainless steel as the main construction material here too, and it has been polished up to an eye-catching shine.

The stepping pads are rugged and made of anti-slip material, again with the aim of providing a safe route into and out of the vehicle in all weather conditions. To our eyes – and we may be wrong, it’s happened before – the pads don’t quite sit as neatly in this design, with a little bit of an overhang.

Still, if you drive one of the range of Chevy vehicles this Nerf bar is designed for, you are still getting a very good product. It is something of basic design, and it does not quite bring the bells and whistles you may expect from a slightly more premium product. But it’s also solid, well built and has a very reasonable price tag.