MaxMate 4 Inch Oval Nerf Bars


There are a few interesting features on this model that we’ll get to in due course, but first off all just take a moment to appreciate that shine! That beautiful gleam is generated by the polished stainless steel construction. When you use that kind of material on a 4-inch oval bar, it is really going to give an eye-catching finish. Just imagine them out in sunshine and you can see why this is a Nerf Bar designed to with looks first and foremost.

Looks are not all it has going for it though, as these bars boast some useful practical features too. Chief amongst them are the step pads. They are constructed in non-slip material and are deeply grooved too, making for a very safe surface in even the most adverse of weather conditions. They also have built in UV protection, meaning that the deep black coloring shouldn’t fade over time.

Installation is lovely and straightforward, and in most cases sees the product simply bolting directly into pre-cut drill holes on the vehicle body. All that and a price tag of under 150 bucks clearly explains why this is one of the most popular set of truck steps on the market today.