Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat


Our next product comes from Maxsa, and this little garage parking aid is absolutely bursting with useful features. If you’ve never seen a product like this before, it works in a very similar way to the product we looked at above, i.e. by providing a physical interaction to the vehicle wheels that you feel inside the vehicle, giving you the signal the car is in the perfect place.

This model differs slightly by being a mat with one small bump at the front, one larger toward the rear. The first bump gives you the notice you are in position; the second, much larger bump prevents you from rolling out of the perfect parking spot. The mat itself is made of tough plastic, and it can be secured to the garage floor either with the double sided, non-slip tape that comes in the package, or it can be screwed or bolted into place for a more permanent fixture.

One other nice little feature that makes it stand above some rival models is the fact the mat has raised edges between the two humps. That means it works as a drip tray, collecting water that comes off the tires if it has been raining to the tires are snowy. That is a great little design feature, especially if you have a nice garage floor already that you want to keep looking nice. The mat is priced at around 20 bucks, but you only get one for that price. We’d recommend getting a pair for the best parking assistance, and a set of 4 if you want to protect your garage floor from excess moisture.