Maxsa Park Right Garage Laser Park


We’re kicking off our list with this high tech garage parking aid from Maxsa. As we go through the list, we’ll see that there are a variety of designs when it comes to parking aids – and this is one is very much from the high tech end! That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get your hands on this bad boy however. With a price tag of around 40 bucks, it is one of the more expensive items on the list – but you are getting a very high quality item for your money here.

This is a very easy to install device. You simply screw the base plate into the roof of the garage, and then… well that’s it actually. Unlike many laser based parking aids this one runs on batteries. That does mean you have to replace them every now and then (though the power use is very low, so you won’t be doing it too often). That battery power makes it much easier to install though and you can also move it to a different location if you prefer.

In operation, the device is motion activated, so no awkward buttons to press. It also has an effective range of around 15 feet so unless you are parking in the Batcave, it should activate as soon as you pull into the garage and well before the car is even close to your stopping points, always a handy feature with these devices. Once activated, the device shines a bright red laser beam down which you use as a reference point to pull the vehicle into its correct space. Simple but effective.