MaxxHaul 70067 Adjustable Ball Mount


If you are going to call your company Maxxhaul, with two Xs no less, then you better be set up to haul the maximum amount of stuff, right? Well, with a 5,000 pound GTW this ball mount can handle a lot of weight alright – but there are mounts out there can handle more.

On the other hand, this is very much a budget level ball mount. If you look at it more from that point of view, it is actually a very sturdy, very well-designed product. It has a movement of around 10 inches though it varies slightly depending on the size of ball you use.  It is secured into position with two very hefty safety pins, again giving evidence of a simple but very sturdy design.

One thing to note, and we’ve never seen this before, it doesn’t come with a ball! It has a hole that can accommodate one of any size, but a ball itself is not included. Still, the price is so low even if you do have to buy a separate ball you’re still getting a strongly built product that is still exceptionally good value.