MaxxHaul 70489 Capacity Foldable Tire Rack


Away from the HyLoft brand, we take a look at another equally spectacular storage unit carefully crafted to protect and store four of your standard sized tires. The construction of this garage tire rack was undertaken with help from sturdy, durable and high-grade steel, featuring a rigid steel tubing that helps the storage unit manage its weight and that of all tires it carries. The Maxxhaul tire rack is also foldable which means it can be transported with ease or closed up when it’s not needed for storage. Its foldable nature also means that it comes already built and you are only required to unfold it and start storing. No model gives you such a level of ease!

Many tend to think that with the Maxxhaul tire rack being made with rigid steel tubing, it will carry a lot of weight even while empty. This is the exact opposite, as the Maxxhaul weighs only 17 pounds, despite its heavy-duty construction and rigid steel tubing. The total capacity of this foldable tire rack is 300 lb, and it is available on the market at an extremely affordable price.  The Maxxhaul tire rack is one great investment, and with its current pricing status, you’ll find that you’ll be hard-pressed to see any other better bargain. Keep this rack in your shop or garage to store your extra or seasonal tires.