MaxxHaul Black Headache Rack


The MaxxHaul Headache Rack is a highly versatile truck rack. It was launched after careful study, design, and will work well for both you and your vehicle. This 70234 model is made from commercial-grade steel, and it features heavy-duty construction, familiar to most truck rack systems. To enable you to carry all your long cargo, such as pipes and ladders safely, the unit comes with an extension on all uprights. The Maxxhaul rack is wide enough to fit most pickup trucks, and such versatility is why it is highly recommended by experts and novices alike.

There are several reasons why we love this aluminum headache rack from Maxxhaul. Besides its exciting construction features, the unit offers all users with full visibility, through a two-inch wire screen system. The installation doesn’t require a drill. With this rack protecting the rear window of your vehicle, you can shift light cargo without a care in the world. We love Maxxhaul because its frames are very versatile and also extremely affordable. The coated cover ensures their durability for days on end.