Mazzeo Car Glasses Holder


These 2 Pack Slip in Glasses Case for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses may not necessarily fit on your car visor. The design does feature a clip, however, it’s quite thin and as a result may only fit on thin materials such as clothing. They were majorly designed to sit on the breast pocket or other openings on men/women clothing while driving. This keeps the sunglasses close to you at all time in an enclosed leather pocket that keeps the dust at bay. Whether you choose to wear this clip-on or place it on a surface, it adequately protects the sunglasses from dents, chipping, scratches and falls.

The soft interior ensures that whatever type of glasses been placed in; reading, sunshades, medicated glasses will suitably be pampered while in there. It poses no damage to the frames, and has the capacity to hold practically all sunglass types. Another benefit to this two-pack system is it’s versatility; store credit cards, complimentary cards and even devices in its safe haven and be assured of their safety throughout the ride.