McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks


No folks, don’t adjust your display! You haven’t wandered into a new article for a different style of product. Despite looking very different from what has come before, this is still a wheel lock. This is a clamp style of lock though.

Naturally, these styles of wheel locks operate differently to the type we looked at above. These locks are designed both as a visual and a physical deterrent to the car thieves. To that end, this device is painted bright yellow and has been built of very strong, heavy gauge steel. It is also equipped with a pick resistant lock.

It’s good to see that the device is coated with a strong epoxy powder coat to prevent corrosion too. As with all devices of this kind, it is a bit of pain to lock on and remove and you may resent having to do it daily. Though it is a high-quality item that should provide a high degree of security.