MCTi Waterproof Men’s Snowmobile Gloves


First up, this is a very cool looking winter glove. Just look at it, it’s sleek and black and has a construction that uses a range of materials, all carefully selected and deployed to take advantage of their best properties. Plus it looks really cool.

Under the hood, MCTi have worked very hard to pack in an enviable feature list. Working from the inside out, we start with a 140g-cotton liner that is encircled by 40 grams of Thinsulate padding. The final internal layer is a TPU insert which makes the gloves waterproof. Over the top, what it almost a composite shell forms the outer layer, made of 94% polyester with 6% spandex – that spandex is included to give the glove a degree of flexibility and dexterity, very useful when using controls.

The glove is nice and tough too. For example, the fingers have rubber reinforcement, whilst the palms have a coating of Polyurethane for an extra tough layer right where the gloves will be contacting touch surfaces. A strap around the wrist holds the glove secure, whilst a toggle closure ensures a close fit to keep out wind and moisture.