Mechanix Wear Coyote Tactical Gloves


First things first these gloves are not made of coyote skin. Boo. What you do have however are the perfect work gloves if you need to work on your car whilst it is parked in the middle of a war zone. That’s because whilst these gloves may sacrifice a degree of flexibility and dexterity compared to some others, they replace it with a very high level of protection.

You can see a lot of the protective measures in the image of the gloves. The big stand out is the knuckle protectors. Made of thermoplastic rubber, they are a godsend to anyone who has the habit of rapping their knuckles on bits of the car. There are also double layer protection points to the tips of the thumb and forefingers, and the palms have extra tough padding.

They are also very easy to clean too, a feature that should not be overlooked. Simply pop them into the washing machine and they come out as good as new. If you are looking for extremely practical, highly protective gloves these could be the ones for you.