Mechanix Wear The Original Black


Quick question – what do mechanics wear? Well for over 20 years it has often been Mechanix Wear, and this glove here, as the name suggests, is The Original. This design has been around for a while, and is part of Mechnix Wear’s line up of specialized gloves.

These work gloves stand out due to its 100% Nylon construction. That is quite a departure from most other gloves on the market today, making these gloves something of a unique design. You see, on the one hand (ha ha) an all Nylon construction makes for a glove that is very tactile. This work glove is designed to allow you to do the smallest task easily – unscrew small bolts, switch speed on your power tools – and do all of that with almost the same ease as if you weren’t even wearing gloves.

The downside of this is the fact that they provide very little protection. There is no rubberized knuckle guard, there is no synthetic leather palm patches or double stitching. It’s very much a trade off, and if you need a pair of work gloves that still allow you to have a high degree of dexterity then you should definitely take a look at these bad boys.