Meguiar’s Flagship Premium RV Wax


Meguiar have been surpassing expectations since 1901 and their Flagship Premium Marine Wax isn’t an exception. Removing water spots, light swirls, and oxidation off of your RV has never been easier: all you have to do is wash the surface of your motorhome, clean any below surface defects, apply the marine wax, and wipe off the residue with a reusable towel! Afterwards, you’ll reap the benefits of embellished color and shine whilst giving your RV’s exterior with the protection it craves.

Although buyers may be dissuaded by the unignorable ‘Marine’ word in Meguiar’s product’s title, manufacturers promise that their products are quintessential for both boaters and RVers alike. This wax offers enduring protection to all fiberglass and gel coat surfaces – no matter what type of vehicle you own! All in all, it’s a no-hassle product dedicated to producing a shine you won’t believe.