Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax Paste


You love your car, but you don’t want to be waxing it every weekend, right? We’ve all got more fun things to do than that! If that sounds like you then this product by Meguiar’s could be right for you. First of all, it is specially formulated for use on dark (especially black) paint.  That means that just one coat will bring an unbelievable shine and luster to your car.

What’s even more impressive however is that it is specially formulated to provide protection (and keep you car looking shiny) for months. Just think of all that time you can get back – and what you could do with it.

At only 7 ounces this is one of the smaller packs on this list. However, during application you’ll soon see that a little goes a long way, and with it’s long lasting formula it’ll be a while before you need to apply a fresh coat.