Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound


Perhaps you don’t need to add paint to your car to improve the paintwork, but just remove an existing scratch or blemish? If so, Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is here to help. This clever polishing compound uses micro-abrasive technology to remove light to moderate paint defects, oxidation, water marks and stains, to restore your finish just as quickly as many harsh abrasives.

It can be applied by hand to a clean, dry surface with a foam applicator or microfiber cloth, or using a dual-action polisher. The clear coat-safe formula allows you to achieve results quickly and without risk of further damage, and even enhances gloss at the same time. It does have its limitations – it won’t remove major damage and it doesn’t cover with new paint – but if you’ve only got a minor defect, this could be an easy and effective alternative to painting your car.