MIC 507 06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel


Available only in golden yellow color, this 16 x 24 inch Premium Microfiber Towel is an excellent choice especially if you like the idea of an ultra-soft silk band as its edging. This is quite exceptional since most products typically construct their edging with the same material as the rest of the microfiber cloth. Since silk is naturally more expensive, you might think that the Chemical Guys MIC 507 will be several times pricier than conventional microfiber towels for cars. However, an analysis of its per-piece pricing shows that it is technically of the same price range as other higher end products.

Additionally, in spite of its silk edging, it is still fully machine washable. Its 70/30 blend gives it strength, durability, and softness that should make cleanups a lot easier for you. It’s guaranteed never to leave swirl marks or even scratches on your precious surfaces.