Michelin Commander II Front Tire


This pair of Pirelli tires is from a heavyweight tire manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for producing high-quality equipment. This set from Pirelli brings a lot to the party.

First, we have the obvious fact that this is a complete tire set with both front and rear tires included for one price. Not only does that help to keep the overall price down – and this set does offer phenomenal value for the money, especially for a Pirelli product – it’s also convenient. It’s always a good idea to change both front and rear tires at the same time and to use the same manufacturer on both wheels.

Pirelli promises that the WSBK-derived profile of the tires is designed for added agility with great tire response to quick turns and transitions. The tires also feature a bi-compound strip for additional grip. All of that is rounded out with a W rating for safe use at up to 168 mph, so these tires are rated to handle any speed that you are going to be hitting – you certainly shouldn’t be topping 100 mph on the highway!

All in all, a very well designed pair of sports style motorcycle tires that offer amazing value for money.