MICTUNING RV Keyless Entry Door Lock


If you’re on a budget but looking to upgrade to keyless, then this high security RV door lock from Mictuning is worth a look. For just over 100 bucks you get all the core functionality of a keyless RV door lock and while it may not be as heavy-duty or low-profile in looks as other models, it certainly works.

For your money you get a keypad and fob entry system, along with a spare set of physical keys. And the wireless range for the fob is not bad, and you can unlock your RV some 20m away. Made from zinc alloy, with a flame-retardant nylon, it is also waterproof and designed to fit most standard door RVs. And with a decent backlight, you can also read the pad under cover of darkness after a late night out. The set comes with everything you need to get up and running, including batteries and mounting kit plus you get a one-year warranty.