Mifeier 5-Inch Curved Nerf Bars


This next set of truck steps on the other hand is something entirely different! Yes, in essence at least they are the same as the two Nerf bar style products we looked at above. But that is like putting a t-Bone steak next to a Cheeseburger and saying they are in essence the same because they both came from a cow.

This is a set of Nerf bars with some bite. The big standout is of course that chunky 5-inch construction. That gives these bars the impression of go anywhere, do anything toughness – though in reality the total weight capacity is slightly lower (by about 50 pounds) compared with the products we looked at above.

Construction is similar too, with polished stainless steel employed here to provide an eye catching set of truck steps with built in anti-rust properties. That extra width has also been well utilized to provide a pair of very impressive footpads. They have deeply etched (and very wide) surface areas to provide safe vehicle access points. The price of this set is toward the upper end of the range, but they are certainly a very eye catching design.