Mikafen Seat Belt Shoulder Pads


Meet the MIKAFEN Car Seat Belt Pads Cover, one fantastic product for your seatbelts. Seatbelts indeed need no protection, but our necks do, primarily when we use seatbelts for long periods. This cover from MIKAFEN is incredibly soft and comfortable and is made from cotton and velvet materials. The interior has been lined with foam to keep it smooth without being bulky. It works well for children and adult women and is a great tool to protect your shoulders and that of your family from harm.

There are no tools needed to install this seat belt sleeve, and such user-friendliness is what keeps customers coming back. The Mikafen seatbelt cover works well in airplanes, SUVs, cars, trunks and even Jeeps. It can also be used on all luggage with straps, to deliver and extra padded comfort during your journey.