Miller Digital Elite Black Welding Helmet


State of the art protection is exactly what the users of this high-quality contraption can expect. Its brand, functionality and all-around design make the Miller 281000 Digital Elite Black Welding Helmet one of the most viable choices on the market. How does it really stand apart from the pack? Well, for one, it lives up to a certain standard which other helmets can only strive to. The Miller welding helmet is also packed with a hoard of features that make it the creme de la creme of welding helmets. First, it is equipped with a total of four modes of digital versatility which can be used for not only welding but also cutting operations. The modes themselves include weld, cut, grind and the X-mode.

When in the X-mode, all forms of sunlight interference are completely eliminated. This is mostly thanks to features like a low-amperage lens opening from obstructed sensors. Additionally, it can be credited to the presence of hidden cavity welds. All this is complemented by a new headgear that goes a long way to provide all the comfort needed for the project at hand. Also, there are equally new easy-to-read digital controls in the mix, making it incredibly easy to operate.