Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 Job Radio


The Milwaukee Electrical Tool is a hybrid radio and charger and is therefore a fantastic and convenient addition to any worksite. This device boasts amazing sound quality and will allow you to rock out on the job and drown out the sounds of your tools. Quality volume and clarity are important for any jobsite and this device embodies both.  The added bonus with this gadget is its ability to charge other devices. This is essential if you’re taking it on jobsites that are void of power supply points, or if you’re taking it out on camping adventures. Being able to continuously charge your Smartphone and music devices is certainly a must and the Bluetooth connection means you will always stay connected! If you have Milwaukee tools then this is also a fantastic addition as it will enable you to charge their batteries too.

This product has also been hailed as being unofficially indestructible and can therefore withstand a number of tumultuous worksite conditions. Of course we’re not saying you should throw it against a wall, but if it ensures a few knocks and tumbles it is likely to survive them. The weather-sealed compartment is also fantastic if you’re going to be outside and will enable you to protect your precious belongings.