Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Tape Measure


It should come as no surprise to see that a Milwaukee tape measure has made the list! Milwukee do of course have a well-earned reputation for producing high quality electrical tools. But they also produce a lot of support tools too, including, drum roll, tape measures!

So what does that famous red branding and lighting bolt mean when it comes to tape measures? In short it means quality and a very solid construction. That starts with the case itself. Whilst it is a simple but hardwearing plastic construction, it boasts a 5-Point reinforced frame. That makes for a tool that is extremely tough and hardwearing.

The measuring blade itself follows the same template as the case. It is a very simple blade, although very clearly marked with Imperial measurements. But it is 1.83 inches wide, giving it more width than many other models on the market. This simple decision makes for a measuring blade that is nice and easy to read.

This model is a magnetic tape measure too, so no springs to worry about here. That does make this tool a little heavier than many others, but could also extend the lifespan of the product.

You will want that long lifespan too. This is a simple but very well built measuring tape. That high quality construction (and Milwaukee branding) does come with a price though, and this is one of the more expensive tools on our list today.