MINORITY Maple Skateboard


When making a skateboard, manufacturers ensure that they’re investing in durable, sturdy materials that will enable the board to lasts a long time. Some examples of such materials include bamboo and Maplewood. For the Minority Skateboard, maple hardwood is used for the design of your skating deck, to ensure both stability and safety are offered to you as you ride. This simple skateboard is an amazing product carefully crafted by seasoned artisans. It is a board design by skateboard lovers for skateboard users. Everyone in the Minority company is well versed in the evolution of technology; thus, they incorporate all innovations into their skateboards.

The Minority Board Is made with a seven-ply maple hardwood, which accommodates a weight of up to 220 lbs. It features trucks designed and built from aluminum alloys and works with a carbon steel kingpin for better movement. When cutting corners with this skateboard, you don’t have to panic. This is because the Minority skateboard has passed several maneuverability tests that focus on streets, pools, and ramps.