Mityvac Oil Extractor


When it comes to draining out oil, it’s something practically anyone can safely and efficiently do thanks to products like the Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus. It requires no prior technical-know-how; just follow the instructions and have the fluids changed out in minutes. With an 8.8 litre capacity, this unit doesn’t only extract the oil, it also replaces new fuel into the car and dispenses the old oil into a suitable container. It certainly gets rid of the mess and stress of spending minutes under the car extracting fluids from the oil pan. The oil travels down into a reliable polyethylene reservoir that won’t rust or corrode overtime. It’s supported by long, efficient and durable dipsticks that make the process even easier. And to ensure this unit doesn’t overfill itself, an ingenious automatic flow control valve closes up when the fluids have filled up to 8 litres. This unit will clear out your tank perfectly taking care of any impurities that may eventually cause problems for the motor.