Monster Cable AI 800 MINI-7


The AmazonBasics 3.5mm auxiliary cable is great value for the money that is reliable for long term use. It’s four feet, which is of a decent length, but if that’s too short then you can upgrade to the longer eight-foot version. The warranty is for one year, which means you have the peace of mind that you have protection during the first year of use. The compatibility is excellent as you can connect virtually any media playing device – like an iPod or notebook.

The gold-plated design contributes towards a non-static experience with next to no distortion. The uncoiled design mean tangling of the cable is kept to a minimum, which reduces the frustration of using the AmazonBasics 3.5mm auxiliary cable in your car. This cable allows you to have a lot of fun in your car as portable music devices can be used to allow you to enjoy the audio in your entire car. This means you can share music with other passengers using your personal smartphone.