Morpilot HM60


Inexpensive but accurate and versatile, the Morpilot laser tape measure is a great tool for both professionals and amateurs. There are plenty of helpful features plus a few goodies that come with the gadget – it’s a bargain, especially for DIYers!

The Morpilot uses two bubble levels to give more measurement precision. Speaking of which, it’s accurate just under 2mm and can measure up to 196 feet. Like most of the laser devices, it allows you to easily switch between feet, inches, and meters, depending on your needs. As for it features it sports, there are many useful ones– it provides distance, area, volume, and Pythagorean measurement and there is even the Min/Max function. Another useful feature is the auto-shut off, which means that if you forget to turn off the measurer, it will do so itself after 150s. Operating the device is pretty simple as the design is intuitive. As a bonus, the product comes with an enhancement target card and glasses which are helpful for seeing red-beam lasers in daylight.

The Morpilot uses two 1.5V AAA batteries which come with the product.