MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight 3000lb ATV


Now here’s a synthetic winch rope kit that we have to say looks rather after-dark cool and with an acceptable 3,000 pound pulling capacity, it’s a good bet for having ready in your off-road vehicle, whatever the time of day. It’s a bit less is more when it comes to spec – no remote control option and the motor is rated at 1.1 horse power, so one of the smallest in our best ATV winch review – but it is a good, affordable winch that will work with arrange of off-road vehicles. At 50ft, the synthetic winching rope is also a decent length to get you out of trouble in a ditch and the steel gears and fittings will keep the running smooth and secure.

Designed for the road rider who occasionally ventures off track, this is a durable and easy to use ATV winch that it is best suited for less extreme winching situations. In short, this is the ideal quad winch choice to have in the back of your everyday truck as a standby.