Motor Trend MT-923-BK NMM Rubber Car Floor Mats


Floor mats should not emit any nasty or offensive odors, and Motor Trend’s FlexTough all-weather car mats feature odorless rubber material that should give you peace of mind whenever entering your vehicle. Best of all, the FlexTough mats come with seriously-engineered channels that are designed to trap dirt, debris, spills, etc., so they won’t wreak havoc on your floor.

Motor Trend’s rubber car mats are a universal size. The good news is that there are extended flaps that can be easily trimmed using ordinary scissors. This means you can easily put them in your vehicle without really having to worry about compatibility. The material is also guaranteed never to crack or melt in temperature extremes. This way you can always be sure that your car’s floor stays protected regardless of the time of year or how cruel Mother Nature can be.