Motormic Tow Straps Recovery Kit


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tow strap recovery kit, then the Motormic model might be the right choice for you. The strap has been designed for the most demanding recovery and towing jobs and can features an impressive 30,000-pound break rate. This weather-resistant tow strap can be used for towing cars, as well as large trucks and can also be used to pull heavy equipment and move large debris and features reinforced eyes and protective sleeves. The ends have been designed to withstand high tension and wear.

The four-in-one kit includes a tow strap, multi-mount hitch receiver made from galvanized steel and covered in anti-corrosive paint. Innovative pin lock that fits all types of hitch receivers, new design d-ring shackles rated at 9,500 lbs and made from drop forged steel and a carry bag made from canvas.