MotorPower Care DPF Cleaner


Allow your vehicle to regain its lost power by making use of the MotorPower Care Foam Cleaner. Most DPF cleaners come in the form of liquid, but this product takes a different approach. Motor power is a German-produced diesel particulate filter cleaner that is formulated with harmless chemicals for easy removal of diesel contaminants and soot residues. It eliminates these particles by dissolving them into nonexistence. With this product, the user doesn’t have to dismantle any parts of their filter, saving them time while ensuring a thorough cleaning. The Motoropower cleaner improves performance immediately after use.

Additionally, if you wish to restore the complete function of your diesel particulate filter, this Motorpower cleaner is a great option. It is very versatile as it can also be used for EGR valve cleaning. This cleaning process involves the evaporation of the contaminant, so there’s no residue leftover. Follow the simple instructions, and you will see an instant change in the operation of your vehicles. This cleaner works well with different kinds of cars and is very user friendly.