MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck


Interested in taking your skating style back to the old school? Then the MPI MOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck is just what you’ll be looking for. This cheap skateboard deck is not only very affordable but also very retro in style. This deck was originally manufactured by MPI in the 1970s, so it’s one to definitely show off. It features a beautiful 8 ply construction made from mahogany wood, and a flat pointed nose that comes with a narrow kicktail. This board does not come with a concave and so allows for a lot a footing space when riding, making it the perfect skate deck for board walking and performing other showy tricks.

As this board was made in the 70s, it still features its old school hole patterns, however these patterns are very compatible with some modern trucks of recent times. The MPI MOS skateboard deck comes in two different colors; dark and light, so you get the chance to choose whichever is suited to your taste. This deck is great for riding, but can also just be put up to hang for display to remember the 70s.