Mr. Freeze Car AC Recharge Kit and Leak Sealer


Effective, easy to use, and high-tech — that’s what you get when you choose Mr. Freeze Car AC Recharge Kit and Leak Sealer. This impressive car AC refrigerant set includes R134a gas to revitalize your car’s air conditioning system and a leak sealant that’ll take care of any potential problems within the rubber seals, rings, and gaskets. You can get cold air in mere minutes when you use the AC refrigerant, and you can trust that it’ll work. Mr. Freeze uses Accufill technology to measure the temperature of the air coming from your car’s vents instead of the pressure of your AC system. With the wireless digital temperature sensor that’s included, you’ll be able to check how it’s working.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this car AC refrigerant kit is you don’t have to be an expert. You can use it on your car without worry and without special tools.